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Our Story

The Vault Cafe Front Lobby

Who says a great experience has to take away from your wellness goals? 

Welcome to The Vault: Coffee + Tea + Wellness Cafe, your cozy nook in the bustling world, where wellness meets warmth in every cup. This isn't just another coffee spot; it's a community where we cherish natural ingredients, authentic connections, and the simple joy of a well-crafted beverage.

Our journey began under the bright sun of May 2020. We dreamed of blending the comforting rituals of coffee and tea with the nurturing essence of wellness. Then, as life threw its curveballs, we adapted, learning and growing through the challenges of the global pandemic. We finally opened in July of 2021, and it took a while to find our vibe in this town. 

Our founder, Maria Daniels, with her heart rooted in wellness, kept our mission alive. We used our time during the closure to deepen our understanding of what you, our cherished guest, truly seek in your daily cup.

Since , we've focused on serving you not just exceptional coffee and tea, but also a slice of tranquility and health. Our ingredients are all-natural and organic, chosen with care and respect for the earth and your well-being.

The Vault is more than a cafe; it's a journey into a lifestyle where every sip is imbued with care and a commitment to wellness. It's a place where you're not just a customer, but a valued community member that celebrates life's simple pleasures and the pursuit of a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

So, come on in, find your favorite spot, and let us serve you a cup of something wonderful. At The Vault, it's all about you—your health, your peace of mind, and your happiness. Here, every visit is a step towards a more vibrant, fulfilled you.

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